From The Edge Of Time

A new collection of Jazzamor songs . We start  some special editions to celebrate our 20th anniversary next year in 2024

From the edge of time is a diverse mix of arrangements with Bettina’s voice sometimes pure sometimes distorted like in a radio jazz-show from the thirties. The piano arrangements complete the song in a typical jazzamoric way. Structured all by drum sounds both straight electronic or mixed with typical jazz drums from the past.  All songs presented in down-to-earth compositions with a tribute to the musical beginnings of Jazzamor while at the same time outlined in contemporary twenty twenty-two style.

„Is it right or is it wrong“, a journey into the thirties. „From the edge of time“, a bow to the jazzy scat singing of the fifties and Jazzamor’s love for the Bossa Nova of the sixties. „For a while“, arranged with typical Brazilian samba ukulele sounds. „Aqua de beber“, a compliment to one of Jazzamor’s favourite songs from the sixties. In the beginning of Bettina’s and Roland’s musical journey this song was the most performed live-song. Now it comes in a more modern arrangement, slower and in a relaxed and laid-back mood.  The title song, „Don’t let your angels go“, is inspired by a Rilke poem from The Duino Elegies.  We ask what the meaning is of his words in present times. How do we read them today? Do we live our dreams - or are we dreaming our lives away in fake realities starving our dream angels to death? While we need our angels alive and well. They are creativity and future. Isn’t it that at last I am nothing without you my angel?! We are in it together and we are nothing without the freedom of the other.

Track 1

from the edge of time

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Track 2

don’t let your angels go

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Track 3

Strange to be in paradise short edit

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Track 4

destination slow mix

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Track 5

I’ve got a new heart

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Track 6

aqua de beber

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Track 7

changing fate autumn mix

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Track 8

for a while

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Track 9

that wind

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Track 10

is it right or is it wrong

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Track 11

my one and ony love

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Track 12

never take it fast

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Track 13

tricky time

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Track 14

the fall winter mix

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