from the edge of time


A new collection of Jazzamor songs  

We start  some special editions to celebrate our 20th anniversary next year in 2024

don’t let your angels go


After a five year break the songwriting duo Jazzamor publishes a new album. Seven new songs, two cover versions and four newly mastered songs from recent EPs

Don’t let your angels go is a diverse mix of arrangements with Bettina’s voice sometimes pure sometimes distorted like in a radio jazz-show from the thirties. The piano arrangements complete the song in a typical jazzamoric way. Structured all by drum sounds both straight electronic or mixed with typical jazz drums from the past.  All songs presented in down-to-earth compositions with a tribute to the musical beginnings of Jazzamor while at the same time outlined in contemporary twenty twenty-two style.

„Is it right or is it wrong“, a journey into the thirties. „From the edge of time“, a bow to the jazzy scat singing of the fifties and Jazzamor’s love for the Bossa Nova of the sixties. „For a while“, arranged with typical Brazilian samba ukulele sounds. „Aqua de beber“, a compliment to one of Jazzamor’s favourite songs from the sixties. In the beginning of Bettina’s and Roland’s musical journey this song was the most performed live-song. Now it comes in a more modern arrangement, slower and in a relaxed and laid-back mood.  The title song, „Don’t let your angels go“, is inspired by a Rilke poem from The Duino Elegies.  We ask what the meaning is of his words in present times. How do we read them today? Do we live our dreams - or are we dreaming our lives away in fake realities starving our dream angels to death? While we need our angels alive and well. They are creativity and future. Isn’t it that at last I am nothing without you my angel?! We are in it together and we are nothing without the freedom of the other.

songs for a silent summer


Four new Jazzamor songs composed during a silent summer of 2020

Changing Fate, Destination, The Fall and a cover version of My one and only love.

music en vogue


An new compilation of Jazzamor songs including two new songs

Body hunter and Keep in distance two new songs from 2019. Released on a new compilation with "en vogue" Jazzamor songs.

strange to be in paradise


Love, hate, the complexities of our times lacking simple solutions–resonating in Jazzamor's question: Isn't it strange to be in Paradise?

lucent touch


Lyrics and harmonies shaped by very personal experiences: Reflections about life and death, about misery and joy – transformed into songs with that unique Jazzamor style.

selection songs for a beautiful day


After six years and four albums Jazzamor released „Selection – Songs For A Beautiful Day“. As a compilation of their own most favourite tracks this album is rather a „Finest of“ than a „Best of“. Yes, you can hear the difference note by note in every song!

beautiful day


The jazzy, groovy, sunny and easy moments of the day: This Jazzamor album is made with the double intention to show and to give them. Twelve songs with emotional timbre for many beautiful hours and days.



This is the Jazzamor journey that represents the world – and a world of inspiration. Recorded at concerts or in the studio, using foreign words, instruments or typical grooves every song takes place in a certain part of the world. A truly impressing travel of sound brought to our ears.

A piece of my heart


Jazzamor express themselves with their compositions in a personal matter and deep insights: "A Piece Of My Heart" is an album that convinces with closeness and feeling.

lazy sunday afternoon


„Lazy Sunday Afternoon“ is a feeling that everyone of us knows well: It’s meant as an appreciation of recreation and relaxing. Jazzamor give us the chilling soundtrack for that deserved time-out of the week.

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